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[The Face Shop] Oil Clear Blotting Pact

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The Face Shop Oil Clear Blotting Pact, a specialized range suitable for young skin with skin concerns such as excessive sebum, pores and blemishes in the summer. This Oil Clear Blotting Pact prevent make up to melt away cause by excess oil. By applying the blotting pack it helps the make up stay neat, last longer and brighten up the skin tone.

Main ingredients:

1. Out Cut Complex
A plant-derived complex of mung bean, birch tree and rumex crispus root extracts
Mung beans - well known for its powerful antipyretic, detoxifying and soothing effects
Birch tree - prevent destruction of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in the body from UV rays etc.
Excellent skin protection effect
Maximizes penetration of active ingredients into the skin
Effectively cares for shiny skin
Strengthening the skin barrier, preventing dryness with moisture & electrolyte loss prevention

2. Cotton Candy Powder [A “cotton candy” structure porous powder that is made with HPC(High-absorptive Pore Control) technology]
A porous powder which resembles cotton candy
Effectively cares for excessive sebum
More than 2 times stronger sebum absorbing ability than existing powder

Delivers both matte skin and a clear skin tone to make the skin look healthier.
Helps control darkening effect and shiny skin without any stickiness.
Prevent makeup being cakey, removed or blurred easily.
Helps to keep make up last longer.
9 gr.


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